WAR FUEL – Healthy Hydration Drink

WAR FUEL is a unique combination of pure, healthy ingredients offering hydration benefits straight from nature. The organic beets, watermelon, and pomegranate offer a unique combination of essential vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to all. These fruits and vegetables are dried using a cold process that helps retain the maximum nutritional value.

Not only do we use the best process for drying, but we use the finest quality ingredients in every WAR FUEL hydration drink. For example, we use the whole pomegranate, from the arils (the glistening jewels full of delicious red juice including the small, crunchy white seed in the center) to the albedo (the fleshy substance under the skin) and membrane (which surrounds the arils). We even use the rind, or outer husk of the pomegranate, which has the highest antioxidant content.

Our watermelon ingredients include both the sweet, juicy interior flesh as well as the dark green rind which contains the richest source of citrulline. Citrulline an amino acid that is known for its value to both the immune system and heart health. Citrulline also helps protect against muscle pain and soreness. A perfect amino acid for both the endurance athlete and the aging senior.

But Wait!!! There’s more! Don’t forget our organic beets full of B vitamins and other healthy nutrients, including nitrates. When you consume beets, the nitrates are converted to nitric oxide which has the effect of relaxing and dilating the blood vessels. Beets are helpful in providing improved vascular circulation and potentially lowering blood pressure. A perfect food for all ages and all activity levels.

We top off all these wonderful organic fruits and vegetables with a starch-based carbohydrate with a low glycemic rating – tapioca. Tapioca gives WAR FUEL a light sweetness that all our athletes, both young and old, enjoy tremendously.

WAR FUEL – A Healthy Re-hydration Drink

We are often asked when and how much WAR FUEL to drink. The real answer is you can’t drink too much. Because this beverage has absolutely nothing harmful (like process sugar, artificial ingredients, or dyes) you can drink all that you want, whenever you want. We recommend you drink some before a workout or competition, certainly during the event, and have a full 12-ounce glass afterward to take advantage of its amazing re-hydration benefits.

Unlike many sports hydration drinks, WAR FUEL does not contain an excess of sodium. Instead, WAR FUEL’s unique ingredients encourage the body to preserve water. Excessive sodium intake has been linked to many heart related illnesses. Finding a beverage like WAR FUEL that uses an alternative to sodium is a benefit to all. For both competitive athletes who need to consume a lot of sports hydration drinks, to seniors who need to watch their sodium intake.

WAR FUEL has been formulated as a good, wholesome beverage to drink anytime.

WAR FUEL – Recovery Drink

The biggest advantage of consuming WAR FUEL is its recovery benefits. WAR FUEL is being used by athletes and Olympic trainers across the globe with great success. While they all enjoy the healthy ingredients and the hydration benefits, the most common accolade is how those athletes feel after the distance run, the triathlon, the biking event, etc. WAR FUEL is an amazing recovery drink allowing the endurance athlete to feel good after the competition on all levels.

Enjoy your sport with WAR FUEL – Before, During, and After!

The Next Generation Hydration & Recovery Drink