Frequently Asked Questions About WarFuel


WAR FUEL is a healthy blend of organic Beets, organic Watermelon (rind and juice), and organic Pomegranate designed to provide you with natural electrolytes, sodium, and nitrates. The electrolytes and sodium replace what is lost due to sweating while the nitrates (which your body converts to nitric oxide) help improve circulation and stamina.

Why the name WAR FUEL?

WAR FUEL is specifically designed with all healthy ingredients to help fight the WAR against Obesity. It contains no processed sugars to help fight the WAR against Diabetes. Its natural ingredients promote hydration and vascular dilation which aids Seniors in the WAR against Dementia and Memory Loss. Join us in WAR against disease. Drink WAR FUEL.

Will WAR FUEL work as a PRE and/or POST workout drink?

Absolutely, in fact, we recommend you drink a 12oz glass of WAR FUEL 20-30 minutes prior to your workout, enjoy WAR FUEL during your workout, and finish with another 12oz glass of WAR FUEL as it is an excellent recovery drink.

How long should I take WAR FUEL until I see and feel the benefits?

Some people claim to experience some of the benefits the first time they use WAR FUEL. Since every person is different, you may already have a very healthy diet and WAR FUEL is an excellent complement to an already stellar regimen. For those who have been consuming sugar and chemical laden sport beverages, the results will be noticeable far sooner.

How do I judge the effectiveness of WAR FUEL during training?

Since every body is built differently, from size to hydration needs, and each sport is uniquely different in its demands on the body, there is no one answer to the questions. We recommend that you set your own criteria or work with your coach/trainer to monitor your progress as you begin your WAR FUEL-hydrated workouts.r.

The serving size says 2 scoops. How much water should I add?

Two scoops of WAR FUEL should be added to approximately 12 ounces of water. Since there are no chemicals or harmful ingredients in WAR FUEL, feel free to vary water content slightly to suit your taste.

Is there a recommended limit on how much to drink per day?

Since WAR FUEL contains no harmful ingredient such as sugar, artificial sweeteners, dyes, or excessive sodium, you can drink as much as your body needs. Listen to your body’s hydration needs and give it the best hydration and recovery beverage before, during, and after your workout.

Will WAR FUEL go bad if left mixed in a handheld water bottle?

WAR FUEL contains powdered dried fruits and vegetables. Once these are reconstituted with water, treat the beverage as you would any fruit drink. If left for an extended time in the heat, any fruit beverage will begin deteriorate; bacteria will grow. For best results, mix and drink WAR FUEL as needed and refrigerate or discard any leftovers.

Where can I buy WAR FUEL?

  • Auburn Martial Arts Center – 1360 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA
  • Auburn Nutrition – 13112 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA
  • Chirosport Wellness Center – 259 Nevada Street, Auburn, CA
  • Lord’s Gym – El Dorado County – 6051 Enterprise Drive, Diamond Springs, CA
  • Oakdale MMA – 140 N. Second Avenue, Oakdale, CA
  • Sunrise Natural Foods
    • 1950 Douglas Boulevard, Roseville, CA
    • 2160 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA
  • West Coast Nutrition – 1950 Douglas Boulevard, Suite A6, Roseville, CA
  • STKD Academy of Striking Arts – 629 Lincoln Boulevard, Lincoln CA
  • Elliot’s Fine Nutrition – 641 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, CA
  • Gold Country Martial Arts Center – 4615 Missouri Flat Road, Placerville, CA
  • Healdsburg Running Company – 333 Center Street, Healdsburg, CA

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